April 27 is the Selection and Planting of Dahlia Tubers “Work to Learn” Party

On Saturday, April 27 at 1:00 PM, the Sequim Botanical Garden Society invites you to their “Work to Learn” Party demonstration on “The Selection and Planting of Dahlia Tubers” with Lee Bowen, the group’s dahlia expert. Lee has been planting dahlias at the garden for about eleven years, and at Bellevue Botanical Garden before that. You will learn the secret to growing healthy dahlia plants that thrive and bloom into October. You are encouraged to work alongside the Society volunteers to plant the tubers in the dahlia beds. You are welcome to come to the garden at Carrie Blake Community Park near the James Center band shell to observe the activity at the Terrace Garden even if you don’t have time to help in the process. A “Work to Learn” demonstration is held each month during the growing season.