June 22 “Work to Learn” Party Presentation on Lavender Varieties

On Saturday, June 22 at 1:00 PM, the Sequim Botanical Garden Society invites you to their “Work to Learn” Party Presentation on Lavender Varieties with Jack Webber at the Terrace Garden in Carrie Blake Community Park near the band shell and water reuse entrance. This presentation will simplify for the average home gardener the multitude of varieties of Lavender through the filter of bloom size, degree of fragrance, time of blooms, history of varieties, suitability for Sequim, planting and growing differences, and much more. Jack retired in Sequim four years ago and has put 198 lavender plant plants in raised beds in his own front yard as part of his research at 72 Timothy Lane. He encourages folks to please drop by anytime to see his and his wife Elaine growing work in progress. Their goal in volunteering for Sequim Botanical Garden Society (SBGS) is to share their hard-earned knowledge with the community while also benefiting from the expertise of fellow gardeners. Jack says, “I’ve put in landscaping from scratch at four different houses we’ve owned since 1993, always with the goal of less lawn and more flowers.”

These “Work to Learn” Parties are an opportunity for novice and seasoned gardeners to volunteer together to cultivate what makes our community distinctive and flourishing. You don’t have to get in the dirt to learn, but if you want to help please bring your gardening gloves, your tools, sunscreen, and hats and come mingle with other members of the community dedicated growing a botanical garden that will enchant and educate visitors near the band shell. On June 22, look for yellow signs and you will find the parking near the water reuse area is the closest to the Terrace Garden.